Inductive load banks

Inductive or inductive reactive load banks are used in conjunction with and daisy-chained to Froment resistive load banks for testing AC supplies at non unity power factors. Most gen-sets are rated at 0.8 power (or Cos Ø), although fully variable lagging power factor loading is possible. Based on a rugged, heavy duty welded monocoque construction capacities are available up to 1066kVAr.

Inductive load banks can be customised for a particular application. Three phase inductors are used that also allow single phase operation when necessary. The inductors are iron cored and continuously rated for both 50 and 60Hz operation at the maximum voltages specified. Froment inductors are specifed to cope with typical harmonic distortion found in gen-set and renewable energy sources.

Key options

  • Standard wide voltage range: 380V, 50Hz - 690V, 60Hz
  • Static or manoeuvrable
  • Sigma PC software
View a typical load bank system layout

Key features

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Froment Inductive load bank technical data sheets

Model Nominal Capacity
MI66 403kVAr
MI110 1066kVAr

Froment Inductive Load Bank GA Drawings

MI110/ MS24 Inc Castors

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