Load Banks

The combination of ASCO, Avtron and Froment


The proven, market-leading load bank technologies of Avtron and Froment are a perfect fit with ASCO Power Technologies. Combining world-class innovation and more than 200 years total experience, ASCO is your one-stop partner that offers complete solutions that you can rely on to solve any power testing requirements.


Avtron and Froment brand load banks offer the widest range of load testing solutions available today.From a simple 10 kW portable load to multiple megawatt units, our experience and support make us the worldwide leader in the manufacture of rugged and reliable load bank

Here is an extensive range of load banks from a few kW to many MVA with basic or best-in-class, intelligent Sigma control.

Select your desired load bank from the options below:

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The most popular load bank requests are for purely resistive models that apply load in a resistive manner only. Resistive load banks are used for testing AC supplies at unity power factors or for DC battery discharging and UPS testing. Load bank size is expressed in kW.

Resistive load banks are ruggedly constructed and designed for continuous operation and are available for all applications including small indoor load test to large outdoor static load tests. A complete power range from 5 kW to over 6000 kW that are CE and UL approved.

  • Wide Voltage Range
  • Various Frequencies
  • Sigma Intelligent Control
  • Remote or Local Controls
  • Horizontal & Vertical Options
  • Custom Designs


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Inductive/Reactive load banks can be used in conjunction with existing resistive load banks for testing AC supplies at non-unity power factors. Generating sets are rated at 0.8 power factor so both resistive and Inductive load are required. The rise of solar energy and wind farms has also led to an increase popularity in inductive/ reactive only load testing.

Inductive load banks can be customised for a particular application. Three phase inductors are used that also allow single phase operation when necessary. The inductors are iron cored and continuously rated for both 50 and 60Hz operation at the maximum voltages specified.

  • Wide Voltage Range
  • Sigma Intelligent Control
  • Can link with existing resistive load banks to perform combined load test

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Combined load banks test both resistive and inductive loads within a single load bank. Manufactured with the highest quality resistive elements and inductors the combined load banks will give the precision and longevity you need. The combined load bank models are available from 200-6000 kVA, so if you need a combined load bank of any size then we have you covered.

  • Rugged Construction
  • Permanent or Manoeuvrable
  • Wide Voltage Available
  • Sigma Intelligent Control Available

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